[SciPy-User] failing to create a scikit.timeseries object

Emanuele Rocci eneide.odissea@gmail....
Wed Jun 2 04:49:17 CDT 2010

Hi All

I am trying to create a scikit.timeseries object starting from 2 datetime

If I understood correctly it should be possible to create a
scikits.timeseries starting fromdatetime objects.

I try the following code but it says that Insufficient parameters.

The 2 datetime differs for few microseconds. In this case what should be the
value for freq parameter?

Is what I am trying allowed? In theory, since timeseries can be based on
datetime objects it should be possible to hanlde up to microsecond , is this

I think that this is not really clear to me.

Regards Eo

import datetime
import sckilits.timeseries as ts

tm1 = datetime.datetime( 2010,1,1, 10,10,2, 123456 )
tm2 = datetime.datetime( 2010,1,1, 10,10,2, 345678 )
d = [ tm1, tm2 ]
tseries = ts.time_series( dates=d )
tseries = ts.time_series( d )
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