[SciPy-User] point-curve distance estimation or calculation

Matthieu Rigal rigal@rapideye...
Wed Jun 2 07:05:36 CDT 2010

Hi folks,

This is my first message on the scipy-user list. I post it here because I 
wanna try do the most out of it using numpy and scipy and I hope it is not 
too far from the initial scope. I couldn't finda solution to it on the 

First I have two sets of data. I am doing several leastsq optimizations.
for linear y=ax+b, I know how to handle the rest, for second order or more, 
it is more difficult.

In the y = ax²+bx+c case, I know have a curve. I want to calculate or 
estimate the distance between each point (combination of two data sets) 
and the curve.

Calculation is doable by applying this formula 
But then, an estimation of the correct result is required, and it takes a 
lot of time for every step, if you have 25 million values in each set.

First, there might be some functions useful to do this calculation quite 
fast (up to 5 minutes is quite acceptable), that I may have overseen. That 
may basically calculate the following internally 

Second, it may be better to get a close estimation of the distance to the 
curve. I was thinking about calculating the tangent of the curve at the 
(x, y0) point calculated from (x, y).
For this also, I didn't found a direct way of calculating the tangent else 
than calculating points very close to y0 and solve the equation. Are there 
some direct possibilities ?

Then I would simply calculate a distance from point to line, using one of 
following methods 

And so get an estimation. But also in this case, it seems quite complicated 
and not very efficient, so you may have a fully different idea :-))

Thanks for your hints,


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