[SciPy-User] Building Scipy for Mac OS X 10.6

Ralf Gommers ralf.gommers@googlemail....
Fri Jun 4 07:31:33 CDT 2010

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 8:16 PM, Scott Stephens <stephens.js@gmail.com>wrote:

> Update: I was able to create a more successful build using the
> alternative scons build process with:
> LDFLAGS="-arch x86_64" FFLAGS="-arch x86_64" python setupscons.py
> scons --silent=1 install
> Thanks for the update.

> Looks like all of the created files have the right architectures, and
> nothing in the unit tests fail because of import errors. I'm still not
> getting a flawless scipy.test() run though (6 errors and 1 failure).
> I haven't yet had a chance to do a deep dive and figure out what
> exactly is failing and if it might be related to build problems.
> Can you post the errors and failure? Currently one test gives an error,
test_lapack_misaligned. Others that have been failing in recent checkouts
are one lambertw test and several matlab ones, so no need to investigate

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