[SciPy-User] [ANN] la 0.3, the labeled array

Keith Goodman kwgoodman@gmail....
Fri Jun 4 13:20:39 CDT 2010

The main class of the la package is a labeled array, larry. A larry
consists of data and labels. The data is stored as a NumPy array and
the labels as a list of lists (one list per dimension).

Alignment by label is automatic when you add (or subtract, multiply,
divide) two larrys.

larry adds the convenience of labels, provides many built-in methods,
and let's you use many of your existing array functions.

Download: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/la
docs  http://larry.sourceforge.net
code  https://launchpad.net/larry

Release Notes

la 0.3 (banana)

*Release date: 2010-06-04*

New larry methods
- astype: Copy of larry cast to specified type
- geometric_mean: new method based on existing array function

New functions
- la.util.resample.cross_validation: k-fold cross validation index iterator
- la.util.resample.bootstrap: bootstrap index iterator
- la.util.misc.listmap: O(n) version of map(list1.index, list2)
- la/src/clistmap.pyx: Cython version of listmap with python fallback

- Major performance boost in most larry methods!
- You can now use an optional dtype when creating larrys
- You can now optionally skip the integrity test when creating a new larry
- Add ability to compare (==, >, !=, etc) larrys with lists and tuples
- Documentation and unit tests

Breakage from la 0.2
- lastrank and lastrank_decay methods combined into one method: lastrank
- Given shape (n,m) input, lastrank now returns shape (n,) instead of (n,1)
- geometric_mean now reduces input in the same way as lastrank (see above)

Bug fixes
- #571813 Three larry methods crashed on 1d input
- #571737 skiprows missing from parameters section of the fromcsv doc string
- #571899 label indexing fails when larry is 3d and index is a tuple of len 2
- #571830 prod, cumprod, and cumsum did not return NaN for all-NaN input
- #572638 lastrank chokes on input with a shape tuple that contains zero
- #573240 Reduce methods give wrong output with shapes that contain zero
- #582579 la.afunc.nans: wrong output for str and object dtype
- #583596 assert_larry_equal crashed when comparing float larry to str larry
- #585694 cumsum and cumprod crashed on dtype=int

For further details see the change log in la/ChangeLog.

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