[SciPy-User] numpy python 3.1.2 on osx

Skipper Seabold jsseabold@gmail....
Mon Jun 7 09:42:14 CDT 2010

On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 10:32 AM, Vincent Davis <vincent@vincentdavis.net> wrote:
> I have read that numpy has been ported to python 3. Is this correct ?


> I have tried to install it on py3.1.2 but have had no luck. (for me it
> is a matter of luck rather than skill)
> My most recent attempt resulted in what appeared to me an endless loop
> after typing "make" I gave it ~30min.

It should be the same as installing under Python < 3 except you use
the version of Python you want.

>From source (probably should delete the build directory if it's there
already in the numpy source directory)

python3.1 setup.py build
python3.1 setup.py install

Might need to sudo the last command.  Don't know on OS X.


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