[SciPy-User] Mail list proposal/idea

Vincent Davis vincent@vincentdavis....
Tue Jun 8 12:11:56 CDT 2010

I prefer the mail list but stackoverflow.com is good. But what I
really like about stackoverflow is not the answers but the ability to
search and even the dynamic search when I start to type a question.
Here are a few ideas

1) When the first email of a tread is processed by the mail serve a
search of similar question is done and the relevant posts are attached
(as links) at the bottom of the message.

2) A web based interface that is similar to stackoverflow in that a
user can search and post within the same page and as they type a
question suggested relevant posts are shown.

I probably should be posting this elsewhere, like on some mailman list.

Do you think this is feasible (cost, benefit) or desirable?


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