[SciPy-User] Boxcar smoothing of 1D data array...?

David Baddeley david_baddeley@yahoo.com...
Tue Jun 15 19:26:35 CDT 2010

Alternatively you could just use scipy.convolve with a tophat kernel ie (for a filter of length N & signal y):

scipy.convolve(y, ones(N)/N)

see the docs for scipy.convolve for more info (you might want to specify how it handles the ends, for example)


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You can find various windowing functions like boxcar, hamming and hanning in scipy.signals module.

Ben Root

On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 10:28 AM, <thoeger@nbi.ku.dk> wrote:

Hello list;
>>This seems like it should be a simple task, but I couldn't seem to find
>>anything in the docs about it - or rather, what I found seems to be from
>>the Numeric/Numarray days and not valid anymore.
>>As the subject line suggests, I have a 1D array that I want to
>>smooth/convolve with a Boxcar kernel of a certain width. In IDL there's
>>simply a function to do this, and there might be something people have
>>hacked together out there to do it too - but isn't there a simple way to
>>do it using built-in NumPy and SciPy tools?
>> Cheers;
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