[SciPy-User] Matlab trademark - was: Re: SciPy-User Digest, Vol 82, Issue 49

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sun Jun 20 15:51:44 CDT 2010


> Those are nice arguments, but neither of us is a lawyer.  If there's
> one thing I've learned about the law, it's that precedent, argument,
> and demonstration of a loss (whether justly attributed to the
> defendent or not) play much larger roles in comparison to the text of
> the law than folks like ourselves would like to believe.  You really
> can argue, successfully, what "is" means, and a significant lawsuit,
> even one defended successfully, can wreck a small company.  So, why
> don't we see what the real lawyers have to say about it?  I was doing
> just that but needed to respond to David's premature (and incorrect)
> speculation.  I'm not saying that your arguments are wrong, I'm just
> waiting for the lawyers who can say it based on precedent and their
> expertise applying the law,

It seems sensible and reasonable to get a lawyer's opinion.  It would
be a shame though, if we ended up taking an over-conservative
approach, because I think it doesn't make us look very good if we put
a lot of defensive legal stuff into our code.

> rather than Wikipedia.

Dammit - Wikipedia again.  If you think my arguments are unsound, or
Wikipedia or the other links I sent are poorly informed on this issue,
please say why.  Otherwise it's just patronizing.

See you,


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