[SciPy-User] Lapack testing

gintare statkute g.statkute@gmail....
Wed Jun 23 02:23:57 CDT 2010

I am trying to install Scientific Python.
Have to check if LAPACK is working.
According manual got several instructions, which i do not understand.


How to understand sentences:

Compile the files xLINTSTF and either SCLNTSTF or DZLNTSTF
link them to your matrix generator library, your LAPACK library, and your
BLAS library
For each of the test programs, associate the appropriate data file with
Fortran unit number 5.
Associate a suitably named file (e.g., SLINTST.OUT) with this unit number 6.
Run the test programs.

Under those sentences there must be certain commands: for compilation.
linking, association.
How to run test programs - there are tens of them in the directories
/testing/link /testing/eig

gintare statkute
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