[SciPy-User] Question about scikits.timeseries.lib.moving_funcs.mov_average

Andreas lists@hilboll...
Wed Jun 23 07:11:09 CDT 2010


in the docstring to mov_average() it says:

   The result will also be masked at i if any of the input values in the
   slice ``[i-span:i+1]`` are masked

Is there any way to prevent this behaviour? I have a very patchy
timeseries (one value every 3 to 6 days), and I'd like to use the
mov_average function to smooth these data. Any idea how to do that?
mov_average(data,20) would have been perfect, if not for the masked values

What I tried so far is


but that has the same size as data.compressed(). I would really like to
have daily values ..

Thanks for your insight!



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