[SciPy-User] Up-to-date SciPy/NumPy docs

Pierre Raybaut pierre.raybaut@gmail....
Wed Jun 23 15:42:46 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I was planning to update Python(x,y) NumPy and SciPy plugins up to
(resp.) v1.4.1 and v0.7.2 for a long time now but I was waiting for
the documentation to be updated as well. But when I'm going to SciPy
documentation website, there are either still outdated versions of
NumPy and Scipy documentation available for download.

More precisely, I have the choice to download either outdated .chm
(the most interesting format for Windows) or .pdf documentations, or
"too recent" html versions (drafts).

Wouldn't be more logical to propose a stable version of these
documentations along with current stable releases?
I'm tired to deliver draft versions with Python(x,y), it simply seems

In other words, I would really appreciate .chm docs to be updated to
the latest stable releases of NumPy and SciPy. I'm sure that all
Windows scientific Python users will appreciate as well!


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