[SciPy-User] corrcoef and dump

R. Padraic Springuel R.Springuel@umit.maine....
Thu Jun 24 12:27:05 CDT 2010

Is there a version of corrcoef in numpy that doesn't return a matrix 
output?  I'm trying to calculate a 15x15 matrix of correlation 
coefficients, but my program is crashing with a MemoryError during the 
calculations.  As a result, I'd like to break up the calculations to 
ease the memory load.  If I feed corrcoef the lists in a pairwise 
fashion, then I don't need the matrix format of the output, and indeed 
would find it slightly easier if it wasn't matrix formated (though 
ultimately I can deal with the matrix format if needed).

Also, if I dump an ndarray to file and that array later changes in a 
program, will the file be updated to reflect the changes?  I didn't 
think so originally, but I have a program that dumps an array to file 
which is working in a DropBox folder and got a notice that the file was 
written, and then a couple of minutes later that it was updated.  Since 
there is only one dump command in the program, this makes me suspect 
that the mutable nature of the array is being played with by the program 
(accidentally, but that's a separate issue) and then redumping the array.

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