[SciPy-User] scipy.io.wavfile versus audiolab

David Cournapeau david@silveregg.co...
Mon Mar 1 18:52:08 CST 2010

Nils Wagner wrote:
> Hi all,
> what are the differences between audiolab and 
> scipy.io.wavfile ?

For audiolab:
  - more features
  - is likely to be faster, since it uses libsndfile which is coded in C
  - handles more file formats (libsndfile is by far the best library for 
audio file IO and handles a lot of software-specific details).

For scipy.io.wavfile:
  - pure python and no need for 3rd party library

License-wise, audiolab is LGPL (because libsndfile is) whereas 
scipy.io.wavfile is BSD as the rest of scipy.



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