[SciPy-User] splmake gone from documentation

Jason Grout jason-sage@creativetrax....
Tue Mar 2 13:45:30 CST 2010

I'm teaching a numerical analysis class and we are talking about 
different kinds of splines.  I notice in some old scipy documentation 
that splmake is a nice function for making different kinds of splines 
(i.e., clamped, free, not_a_knot, etc.).  However, I can't find splmake 
in the reference documentation at http://docs.scipy.org/doc/ in either 
the 0.7 or 0.8dev docs.  I see splmake in my 0.7.0 installation, though 
(in the interpolate/interpolate.py file).

Is the function splmake deprecated?  I also notice that it is called (in 
the code) in the interp1d class init function, but it's impossible to 
specify the type (e.g., a clamped spline).  Is there a reason why the 
kind argument is not passed to splmake?



Jason Grout

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