[SciPy-User] Maximum file size for .npz format?

Jose Gomez-Dans jgomezdans@gmail....
Thu Mar 11 05:10:33 CST 2010

I need to save a fairly large set of arrays to disk. I have saved it using
numpy.savez, and the resulting file is around 11Gb (yes, I did say fairly
large ;D). When I try to load it using numpy.load, the zipfile module
compains about
BadZipfile: Bad magic number for file header

I can't open it with the normal zip utility present on the system, but it
could be that it's barfing about files being larger than 2Gb.
Is there some file limit for npzs? Is there anyway I can recover the data (I
guess I could try decompressing the file with 7z and extracting the
individual npy files?)

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