[SciPy-User] [xpyx] Re: Maximum file size for .npz format?

Philip Austin paustin@eos.ubc...
Fri Mar 12 15:10:04 CST 2010

Chris Barker wrote:
> Also, I think the python bindings still support netcd3, if you don't 
> need the extra stuff netcdf4 gives you (you may, if you need big files 
> -- not sure about that).

You can do netcdf3 without hdf and with big files by
compiling netcdf4-python (on linux) via:

> export NETCDF3_DIR=/home/phil/usr64/netcdf_3.6.3
> ~/usr64/bin/python setup-nc3.py install

then in python open a dataset for writing with:


  -- Phil

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