[SciPy-User] Scikits TimeSeries modifies names of features (dtypes

Sergi Pons Freixes spons@utm.csic...
Wed Mar 24 09:43:50 CDT 2010

I have this code, which simply creates a TimeSeries object from a datafile:

data_labels = ["Temp", "Sal", "O2"] + self.species.keys()
tmpdata = ts.tsfromtxt(join(dir,f), freq='D', delimiter='\t', \
              usecols=range(len(data_labels)), datecols=0, \
              names=data_labels, dateconverter=self.__dateconverter)

where self.species.keys() is a list of strings, some of them with
spaces, points, or parenthesis. A pair of examples: "Phaeocystis
(colonies)", "Agr.fil. G. corsicum 200x".

But, If I check the resulting tmpdata.dtypes.names (or simply
tmpdata.dtypes), all the spaces has been changed to underscore, and
the points and parenthesis removed. Examples: "Phaeocystis_colonies",

I've checked the documentation from timeseries and from record arrays
of numpy, and cannot found the reason... Any hint abou it?


Sergi Pons Freixes
Ph.D. Student
Marine Technology Unit

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