[SciPy-User] scipy.signal not installing (mac)

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Have you checked to see if there's an __init__.py under scipy.signal? If the folders are there with files in them then this would be the most obvious reason for not being able to import scipy.signal. Have you tried explicitly importing scipy.signal and not just scipy? A while back scipy was changed so that most of the sub modules needed to be imported explicitly so as to reduce the overhead when only using one part of scipy.


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Hello all, 

I didn't see an answer on this in my google searching.  I installed scipy from the latest svn and for some reason scipy.signal does not exist (or isnt installed).

Files like scipy/scipy/signal/waveforms.py do seem to exist but aren't being compiled.

Is there a way to tell if I am missing prerequisites or something?

Sorry I am not sure what more info to pass along, aside from that I followed http://blog.hyperjeff.net/?p=160 to do my install so I have numpy, fftw, etc installed.

Thanks much, 



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