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Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Mon Nov 1 18:07:28 CDT 2010

On 11/1/10 3:58 PM, Jochen Schröder wrote:
> Even if the snippet is licensed BSD you cannot simply copy and paste a
> code snippet. You have to include the license and copyright notice of
> the original author.

Exactly, which is why I think "snippets" are best put in the public 
domain. yes, I know that public domain is not a license, and is even a 
bit murky legally, but for small little chunks of code:

"I'm putting this out there without claiming copyright -- do with it 
what you will"

really is appropriate.

It's more or less what we all do when we post a little code snippet on 
this list in response to a question.


ps: IANAL, blah, blah.

> So if people simply copy and paste code snippets
> without paying attention to the licensing it will end up being a mess
> anyway, because they are possibly violating licenses. I don't think
> restricting the file exchange to BSD only will make that any different.
> Also, with respect to your argument, if people copied some part of the
> snippet from somewhere else (possibly a GPL project), and post it as a
> snippet under BSD you will end up in the same mess.
> I don't want to come across as advertising GPL here, I just don't like
> the concept of restricting the file exchange to one license only. People
> already gave some examples where the license choice might be determined
> not by the author of the snippet (e.g. "linking to (L)GPL C-code,
> including some GPL code...). However these snippets can still be useful
> for a lot of people, although they might not be suitable for inclusion
> into scipy/numpy.
> I also disagree with the idea that restricting everything to BSD will
> make licensing simple miraculously. It is not, and people need to be
> educated that looking and following licensing terms is important.
> Cheers
> Jochen
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>> Matthew
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