[SciPy-User] Scipy views and slicing: Can I get a view-slice from only certain elements of an array?

Jacob Biesinger jake.biesinger@gmail....
Mon Nov 1 18:51:59 CDT 2010

>  >>> l = range(1000)
>  >>> sys.getsizeof(l) + len(l)*sys.getsizeof(l[0])
> 16036
>  >>> a = numpy.arange(1000)
>  >>> sys.getsizeof(a) + a.size*a.itemsize
> 4040
> major difference (unless you are using a numpy array of objects...)

We know the lists are less efficient-- that's why we're using
array.array.  You have a good point about array's and lists allocating
a bit extra so they can grow efficiently, but array.array isn't very
large at all

a = array.array("l", range(10000000))  # top reports  Virtual = 363m, RES = 323m
a = scipy.array(range(10000000), dtype=scipy.int32)  # top reports
Virtual = 371m, RES = 289m

The difference is likely the extra allocated space so that array can grow.

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