[SciPy-User] dtype of LabView binary files

Xunchen Liu xunchen.liu@gmail....
Tue Nov 9 16:34:42 CST 2010


It seems there is only one web page here talking about the dtype of the
binary file saved from Labview:


I followed Travis' suggestion on that page to convert one of my Labview
binary file using


but this gives a array doubled the shape of my recorded data and also the
value of the data are not right.

For example, the attached is the text file and binary file saved by Labview.

the text file reads:

array([-2332., -2420., -2460., ...,  1660.,  1788.,  1804.])

while the binary file reads (with dtype='>d')

array([-3.30078125,  0.        , -3.30297852, ...,  0. ,       -2.6953125 ,
 0.        ])

Anyone knows what dtype I should use, or how should I build the correct
dtype for it?

Thanks a lot!

Xunchen Liu
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