[SciPy-User] python lists in combination with numpy arrays

Corran Webster cwebster@enthought....
Wed Nov 10 16:19:36 CST 2010

Hi Martin,

there is another difference:

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 3:25 PM, Martin van Leeuwen <
vanleeuwen.martin@gmail.com> wrote:

> print "first method"
> lst=[]
> a = numpy.zeros(3, dtype=float)
> for i in range(2):
> ...

here you are creating one array, and overwriting the values in it in your

> print "second method"
> lst=[]
> for i in range(2):
>    a = numpy.random.rand(3)

here you are creating two different arrays.

If you move the line  a = numpy.zeros(3, dtype=float) into the for loop in
the first example, you should get the same result.

-- Corran
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