[SciPy-User] Advise for numerical programming content (New python user)

Sachin Kumar Sharma SSharma84@slb....
Thu Nov 18 20:48:56 CST 2010


I am an average Fortran user.

I am new to python and I am currently evaluating options and functionalities of numerical programming and related 2d and  3d graphic outputs with python.

Kindly share your experience in scientific programming with python like how do you like it, comparison with Fortran and C++.

Which version of python + numpy+scipy are compatible with each other or if any other numerical analysis package is available (I am working on windows environment.)

Does graphic output like maps, histogram, crossplot, tornado charts is good enough with basic installation or needs some additional packages?

Your feedback is valuable for me to start.

Thanks & Regards


Sachin Kumar Sharma
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Field Development & Production Services (DCS)
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