[SciPy-User] 4-D gaussian mixture model.

Éric Depagne eric@depagne....
Fri Nov 26 14:04:29 CST 2010

> So, I would say that one way to formulate the problem is to consider it
> as a clustering problem in which you want to learn clusters on data
> described by (x, y, dx, dy), rather than simply on (x, y).
That's exactly it.
I thought that doing it could be done on (dx, dy) with (x,y) being considered 
as "constants" that could be left out.
> All you need to data is run the GMM on the 2D array created by the
> concatenation of all your relevant variables: if x, y, dx and dy are 1D
> arrays of each quantity, you can create your feature array as so:
> X = np.c_[x, y, dx, dy]
> and then you can fit it using the GMM in the scikit.
I'll try that.

Many thanks for your help.

> Does that make sens?
It does.
> Gaël
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