[SciPy-User] Central File Exchange for SciPy

Bastian Weber bastian.weber@gmx-topmail...
Sun Nov 28 15:10:31 CST 2010

william ratcliff wrote:
> I've been thinking about this a bit more, so hopefully two last
> questions before starting the actual prototype:
> ...

When the thread about a Central File Exchange pendent for SciPy started
a month ago I was really excited. Unfortunately, after a few days of a
highly active discussion the community dropped the topic abruptly and
without any result.

Have I missed something? Is there a prototype already running? Or did
the community quietly come to the consensus that such a project would
not be worth the effort?

>From my point of view such a project would be extremely useful. I
definitely would donate some money for development and maintenance if
that would be the bottleneck. And I have the feeling, that many other
users would do the same, given the fact that such a platform could save
many hours of reinventing the wheel.

Currently I have at least three little "projects" lazily laying around
somewhere on my disk. All of them are far too small/immature for pypi
and friends. At the other hand, I think they are more then a mere
"recipe". I'm almost sure that somebody has to solve quite similar
problems and that the code, if not working out of the box, would be a
good starting point.

The only thing is: where to put it, such that it could be found?

> Since we're primarily interested in code snippets, then only one
> file will be initially supported.

I belive this is quite reasonable to get started. However I think it
might be good to support more files at some point. Then someone easily
could provide a module and additionally some example scripts

IMHO a sophisticated score system, git-integration, different views and
other complex features might be useful if the platform once has a
certain user base. For a first (public) prototype, however, they might
be ballast.

What to me seems more important, is a high resolution tagging system. I
could even imagine different types of tags. E.g. problem specific (like
structural mechanics, molecular biology, control theory, ...) and tags
regarding the math involved (linear algebra, symbolic computation,
optimization, ...). In fact, the examples I gave are too rough to meet
my idea of "high resolution" but better ones just do not occur to me
right now.

To conclude: I really look forward to this platform


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