[SciPy-User] Announcement: Self-contained Python module to write binary VTK files.

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Nov 29 13:21:20 CST 2010


> PyEVTK (Python Export VTK) package allows exporting data to binary VTK files for
> visualization and data analysis with any of the visualization packages that
> support VTK files, e.g.  Paraview, VisIt and Mayavi. EVTK does not depend on any
> external library (e.g. VTK), so it is easy to install in different systems.

That sounds very useful - thank you for posting it.

> PyEVTK is released under the GPL 3 open source license. A copy of the license is
> included in the src directory.

Would you consider changing to a more permissive license?   We
(nipy.org) would have good use of your package, I believe, but we're
using the BSD license.

Thanks a lot,


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