[SciPy-User] scipy.io.loadmat error when trying to read a .mat file

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Oct 4 12:31:43 CDT 2010


On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:04 AM, Pauli Virtanen <pav@iki.fi> wrote:
> Mon, 04 Oct 2010 10:24:33 -0500, Dharhas Pothina wrote:
>> It looks like it fails with files generated by one of our instruments. I
>> was able to read in another type of matlab file without a problem. I
>> think I was able to read this type of file in a previous version of
>> scipy (can't tell you which one now, it was a long time ago), when I had
>> tested our ability to read this type of file. I also tried scipy v0.7.0
>> installed on one of our linux boxes just know and it gave me the same
>> error (but not the warning). Running the test suite on the windows box
>> gave me three errors listed below, on linux (w/ ver scipy 7.0) all tests
>> passed. I've posted two sample files at the links below. On windows I'm
>> installed with the scipy-0.8.0-win32-superpack-python2.6.exe binary.
> Ok, access to the failing file is probably needed to sort this out.

It's very possible that the behavior of loadmat has changed because I
refactored it radically between 0.7 and 0.8.

I'll have a look your file this morning in case it will save anyone some time,

See you,


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