[SciPy-User] error compiling csr_wrap in sparsetools

Barry Olddog oldcanine@yahoo....
Wed Oct 6 00:05:03 CDT 2010


I'm trying to build scipy 0.8 in python 2.7 on a centos 5.5 machine, but failing 
when I get to csr_wrap. Searching shows this error has been around for a while, 
but I never found a solution. 

Specifically, I it's an error and two warnings: 

scipy/sparse/sparsetools/csr_wrap.cxx: In function 'int 
require_size(PyArrayObject*, npy_intp*, int)':
scipy/sparse/sparsetools/csr_wrap.cxx:2910: error: expected `)' before 'PRIdPTR'
scipy/sparse/sparsetools/csr_wrap.cxx:2910: warning: spurious trailing '%' in 
scipy/sparse/sparsetools/csr_wrap.cxx:2910: warning: too many arguments for 

(It's repeated a few lines down in the source)

I'm using the default gcc 4.1.2; numpy 1.5 built and imports fine. The sources 
all came from scipy.org; but blas and lapack are the centos/redhat packages.  

This is a 32-bit machine; I have a similar setup on a 64-bit machine, with scipy 
0.7.2, numpy 1.4.1 and python 2.6, and that didn't cause much headache.  I'll 
try dropping down to those versions tomorrow, but I'm not sure they'll work, and 
I'd like to use the later versions.

Thanks for any help.



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