[SciPy-User] ide for numpy?

David Warde-Farley wardefar@iro.umontreal...
Wed Oct 6 22:51:53 CDT 2010

On 2010-10-06, at 9:24 AM, Neal Becker wrote:

> I'm trying spyder 2.0beta4.  Looks interesting, but I'm not quite sure how 
> to use it.
> I was expecting to load a program, then be able to set breakpoints, and 
> examine variables.
> I see I can use the interactive console to manually enter:
> u = np.arange (10)
> and then see it in variable window and right click to plot.
> I can set a breakpoint in my source code (displayed on the left in editor), 
> but only does something if I run using debug.  But running from debug puts 
> me in pdb.  Not sure if trying to do everything under pdb is newb friendly.
> Am I missing something?

One thing about Spyder in the past (and in the very recent past in one case) is that it doesn't play well on all platforms, namely I think it's still pretty weak on the Mac. If you're not worried about that platform then that's not a problem, though.

As for debugging, someone else suggested winpdb which I think is probably the best you're going to do. I also like pudb which is pretty featureful but still lightweight, despite being all ncurses. plain pdb should be easy enough for someone who's written C before and used gdb... Also, does %debug work from within Spyder's IPython shell? I find the tab completion makes debugging a lot less frustrating.


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