[SciPy-User] [ANN] Bento 0.0.4 release

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Sun Oct 10 01:21:42 CDT 2010


I am pleased to announce the release 0.0.4 for Bento. This release is
a significant milestone, as it is able to build both numpy and scipy
on some platforms (Linux and mac os x).

The main features are:
    - New hooks to modify, override compilation options on a per
extension basis.
    - Recursive package description support
    - Option to generate a python module containing all install paths,
to avoid using __file__ without depending on complex tools ala
    - Improved documentation
    - Some work toward python 3 support (does not work yet for complex packages)

Concerning numpy/scipy bento-based builds, a few interesting facts:
    - amount of code for both numpy/scipy is smaller than scons-based
or distutils-based builds.
    - by playing a bit with options and using clang, you can build a
full debug build of numpy in 5-6 seconds, and ~ 40 seconds for scipy
on a recent computer.
    - _bento_build branches for numpy and scipy are found on my
account http://github.com/cournape

You can download bento on github: http://github.com/cournape/Bento,
and look at the documentation on



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