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Waléria Antunes David waleriantunes@gmail....
Wed Oct 20 11:45:13 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I have this code: http://pastebin.com/9qi75Bbv

This equation has integral calculus.
Is an extended equation so i decided to split it into pieces, first part
called "a" and the second "b".

Well, i have three conditions:

if omega_k == 0

if omega_k > 0
if omega_k < 0

But returns me this error:

Request Method:         POST
Request URL:
Exception Type:         NameError
Exception Value:

global name 'omega_k' is not defined
Exception Location:     \supernovas_Ia\..\supernovas_Ia\supernovas
\views.py in index, line 17

What am I doing wrong? And the way I'm using the condition correct? And then
to return the result in the graph is correct?

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