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> (from a question on ask.scipy.org)
> The docs for scipy sparse
> http://docs.scipy.org/doc/scipy/reference/sparse.html?highlight=linsolve
> contain an example that imports linsolve.
> I cannot find anything like this. Is this a historical artifact or
> some hidden module somewhere ?
> Can someone who knows this update the examples?

I just updated scipy/sparse/info.py, which is where this documentation comes
from.  That file was last touched three years ago, and there have been
changes in the source code since then.

Here's a script containing the same code as in updated "Example 1" of that

from scipy.sparse import lil_matrix
from scipy.sparse.linalg import spsolve
from numpy.linalg import solve, norm
from numpy.random import rand

A = lil_matrix((1000, 1000))
A[0, :100] = rand(100)
A[1, 100:200] = A[0, :100]

# Now convert it to CSR format and solve A x = b for x:

A = A.tocsr()
b = rand(1000)
x = spsolve(A, b)

# Convert it to a dense matrix and solve, and check that the result
# is the same:

x_ = solve(A.todense(), b)

# Now we can compute norm of the error with:

err = norm(x-x_)
print err < 1e-10

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