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Jorge E. ´Sanchez Sanchez hnry2k@hotmail....
Sun Oct 24 19:53:25 CDT 2010


I was using ETS-3.2 before and now I am trying to install ETS-3.5 inside SAGE math CAS (ubuntu-amd64), I have all the prerequisites installed, and also I have made an ETS installer for it, everything (from AppTools to TRAITS_GUI) compiles OK, although I end up with the next diagnostic:


Building directory: TraitsGUI-3.5.0

Executing: /opt/sage-4.5.3/local/bin/python setup.py release build bdist_egg -d /opt/sage-4.5.3/spkg/build/ets-3.5.0-20101024.p0/src/dist

WARNING: Could not build egg.info files: No module named enthought.enstaller.egg
error: No urls, filenames, or requirements specified (see --help)
error: Not a URL, existing file, or requirement spec: 'ETS_*'
Error installing ETS


It seems to me that I am very close to succeed. Please, can you tell me what steps I am missing and need to follow in order to finish the installation? 

Thank you very much in advance.
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