[SciPy-User] Eigenvectors of sparse symmetric matrix

Hao Xiong hao@biostat.ucsf....
Tue Oct 26 00:32:02 CDT 2010

I should report the version of various packages I use.

I have a Debian machine running testing version but with
a custom compiled Python-2.7 and NumPy-1.5.1RC1
and SciPy-0.8.0. I specified MKL when I compiled
NumPy and Scipy and I passed -O3 to GCC. NumPy's
basic testing finishes successively, but SciPy's crashes
with a segfault.

On a Gentoo machine with Python-2.6 and NumPy-1.5
and SciPy-0.8.0 linked against Atlas library, I can get
NumPy's basic test finish successively, but SciPy's fails
with one failure.

Hope this helps.


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