[SciPy-User] ANN: Simple Structured Data Format (SSDF)

Almar Klein almar.klein@gmail....
Tue Oct 26 04:41:39 CDT 2010

Hi all,

I have had this little project lying around for a while, and recently got
some positive remarks from a few people, so I thought it might be useful to
other people too.



The Simple Structured Data Format (SSDF), is a format for storing structured
(scientific) data. The goal of the format is to be easily readable by humans
as well as computers.

SSDF has similar goals as JSON, but also enables (relatively) efficient
storing of binary data and is much easier to read.

SSDF iswell suited for storing scientific data, and provides a way to create
a datastore that can be opened and edited with any text editor. SSDF is also
very suitable for configuration files or ini-like files.

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