[SciPy-User] Error installing scipy

Di Zou di_zou@yahoo....
Thu Oct 28 07:51:21 CDT 2010

That was the issue. I wasn't running the code with the same numpy as the numpy I 
used to build scipy with. Thanks for all your help!


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On 10/27/2010 11:58 PM, Di Zou wrote:
> Well I got the latest svn scipy and scipy-0.8 installed today. I don't
> know what I changed. Maybe I did something different today that I didn't
> do yesterday with my PYTHONPATH. Now I am getting an error in my code.
> This is my code:
> import numpy as np
> import scipy as sp
> from scipy import stats
> I get a segfault with 'from scipy import stats'. I went through with the
> debugger and this is the traceback I get:

Using the python debugger is not very useful for segfaults (which happen 
in C code, not python code).

You may want to try running the code under gdb instead.

But I suspect an issue with numpy/scipy imports. You need to use the 
same numpy as the one used when building scipy - recent versions of 
numpy has a safe guard to warn against versions mismatches, but older (< 
1.4) don't have it.

To know for sure which version of numpy you import, you can use:

python -c "import numpy; print numpy.__version__, numpy.__file__"

Make sure this is the same when you build scipy and when you import it 


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