[SciPy-User] Central File Exchange for SciPy

O mondifero@gmail....
Sat Oct 30 12:01:57 CDT 2010


Bravo! If you decide to follow through on this, I think it could be *huge*.
One other question is whether to do it for just scipy or python generally.
I think people really need a place to deposit snipits of useful code
w/rating system and commentary.  If it takes off, I think it would attract
lots more people to Python and scipy/numpy.

I agree with all of your suggestions.  Maybe contact python.org to see if
you can get a link to it.  As for what to call it, "PythonExchange" is a
third option.

With respect to licensing, I'd allow the submitters to choose, and supply
guidelines on the site about how to do this properly in their code (if they
want to).

Allowing people to link to projects they have elsewhere is an excellent

O (phaustus)
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