[SciPy-User] Central File Exchange for SciPy

Almar Klein almar.klein@gmail....
Sat Oct 30 14:00:23 CDT 2010

> I would strongly recommend (to users) that all shorter code, snippets
> and recipes, are BSD by default or made explicit by the user, and that
> the license is very easy to see on the web page.
> Given that we are writing BSD code and to avoid any conflicts, I
> essentially ignore all non-BSD code, for example on the matlab file
> exchange.

Hear hear! Since most Python code is BSD licensed, a module/package using
non-BSD compatible license (for example GLP) would be incompatible with,
well almost all Python code. This may sound trivial, but I, for one, did not
fully understand this until someone explained it.

I would even go so far as to force a BSD license for all code hosted on the
site itself. Referenced code can then still choose a license. At the very
least there should be a proper explanation that people should chose the BSD
license in most cases, and *why*.

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