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Wed Sep 1 16:13:10 CDT 2010

Veusz 1.9
Velvet Ember Under Sky Zenith

Veusz is Copyright (C) 2003-2010 Jeremy Sanders <jeremy@jeremysanders.net>
Licenced under the GPL (version 2 or greater).

Veusz is a Qt4 based scientific plotting package. It is written in
Python, using PyQt4 for display and user-interfaces, and numpy for
handling the numeric data. Veusz is designed to produce
publication-ready Postscript/PDF/SVG output. The user interface aims
to be simple, consistent and powerful.

Veusz provides a GUI, command line, embedding and scripting interface
(based on Python) to its plotting facilities. It also allows for
manipulation and editing of datasets. Data can be captured from
external sources such as internet sockets or other programs.

Changes in 1.9:
 * Added "Dataset plugins" to easily allow the user to write or load Python
   code to make new datasets, optionally linked to existing datasets.
   Includes plugins as standard for
    - Adding and multiplying constants or datasets
    - Dividing datasets
    - Computing means of datasets
    - Computing extremes of datasets
    - Joining or combining datasets as parts or element by element
    - Thinning points from datasets
    - Converting from polar to Cartesian coordinates
    - Filtering datasets using expressions
   See here for details: http://barmag.net/veusz-wiki/DatasetPlugins
 * Added "Tools plugins" which allow the user to write Veusz macros
   in Python which can take parameters and be added to the menu.
   Includes plugins for
    - Randomizing or replacing colors
    - Finding and replacing text
    - Increasing / decreasing font sizes
    - Cloning widgets for different datasets
   See here for details: http://barmag.net/veusz-wiki/ToolsPlugins
 * C++ code added to speed up data to image conversion
 * Add vector field plot type
 * Add text dataset support for Import plugins
 * Add "Node" embedding interface to easily allow manipulation of the
   widget/setting tree. See http://barmag.net/veusz-wiki/EmbeddingPython
 * Veusz now starts in home directory or previous directory used. This
   can be switched off in the preferences dialog to use current directory.
 * Distances specified in points now show drop down box with common point
   sizes to make increasing/decreasing sizes much easier.

Minor features added:
 * Color selectors are updated if new colors added to other color selectors
 * Exception dialog box uses web to send data rather than email, so no
   mail transfer agent is required.
 * Text entry box brought up with '..' goes away when clicking outside it
 * Improvements to appearance of buttons in Mac OS X

Bug fixes:
 * Fixed dataset expressions for zero-dimension expressions
 * Dialog boxes are properly destroyed on closing to stop memory leaks
 * Do not give error if same dataset defined in dataset dialog and
   descriptor in data file
 * Fix license on some C++ files
 * Use correct web browser when clicking on links in menus
 * Exceptions are caught and user notified when loading plugins
 * Missing recent files are removed from recent files menu
 * Non finite values ignored when fitting data
 * When fitting data min and max properties used if set

Features of package:
 * X-Y plots (with errorbars)
 * Line and function plots
 * Contour plots
 * Images (with colour mappings and colorbars)
 * Stepped plots (for histograms)
 * Bar graphs
 * Vector field plots
 * Plotting dates
 * Fitting functions to data
 * Stacked plots and arrays of plots
 * Plot keys
 * Plot labels
 * Shapes and arrows on plots
 * LaTeX-like formatting for text
 * Scripting interface
 * Dataset creation/manipulation
 * Embed Veusz within other programs
 * Text, CSV, FITS and user-plugin importing
 * Data can be captured from external sources
 * User defined functions, constants and can import external Python 
 * Plugin interface to allow user to write or load code to
    - import data using new formats
    - make new datasets, optionally linked to existing datasets
    - arbitrarily manipulate the document

Requirements for source install:
 Python (2.4 or greater required)
 Qt >= 4.3 (free edition)
 PyQt >= 4.3 (SIP is required to be installed first)
 numpy >= 1.0

 Microsoft Core Fonts (recommended for nice output)
 PyFITS >= 1.1 (optional for FITS import)
 pyemf >= 2.0.0 (optional for EMF export)
 For EMF and better SVG export, PyQt >= 4.6 or better is
   required, to fix a bug in the C++ wrapping

For documentation on using Veusz, see the "Documents" directory. The
manual is in PDF, HTML and text format (generated from docbook). The
examples are also useful documentation. Please also see and contribute
to the Veusz wiki: http://barmag.net/veusz-wiki/

Issues with the current version:

 * Plots can sometimes be slow using antialiasing. Go to the
   preferences dialog or right click on the plot to disable

 * Some recent versions of PyQt/SIP will causes crashes when exporting
   SVG files. Update to 4.7.4 (if released) or a recent snapshot to
   solve this problem.

If you enjoy using Veusz, I would love to hear from you. Please join
the mailing lists at


to discuss new features or if you'd like to contribute code. The
latest code can always be found in the SVN repository.

Jeremy Sanders

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