[SciPy-User] My attempt to fix an issue with separate scales for left and right axis in scikits.timeseries - correct?

Paweł gorkypl@gmail....
Wed Aug 17 16:13:52 CDT 2011


I've tried to solve an issue with scikits.timeseries doesn't allowing
to use separate scales for left and right axis with recent versions of
matplotlib, like in this example:

The issue was raised twice:

The example (and my code) works after changing single line 1196:
-    fsp_alt_args = (fsp._rows, fsp._cols, fsp._num + 1)
+    fsp_alt_args = fsp.get_geometry()

I've done this after examining the file
(method get_geometry in line 8369).

Can anyone take a look at the code and say if it makes sense? I'm
certainly not an expert in Python and I'm not sure if this can be so
simple and yet correct.

Side note:
I know scikits.timeseries may be abandoned for a while now (I've
traced the recent discussion of its status), but I use it heavily in
climate analysis and need to keep my code alive for some time.

Paweł Rumian

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