[SciPy-User] Building Numpy/Scipy with MKL serial 10.3

Brock Palen brockp@umich....
Mon Aug 22 15:48:11 CDT 2011

We need to force users to use serial MKL so using libmkl_rt.so  is out of the questions,

We built using the 'builder' wrapper that can make a custom MKL library with all the needed bits included:

#copy makefile and function list from $MKLROOT/tools
cp $MKLROOT/tools/builder/makefile /tmp/
cat $MKLROOT/tools/builder/blas_list >> /tmp/user_list
cat $MKLROOT/tools/builder/lapack_list >> /tmp/user_list

#build seqential version
cd /tmp
make libintel64 interface=lp64 name=libmkl_10.3_serial threading=sequential

This creates a file libmkl_10.3_serial.so

I then set:
#create site.cfg with

library_dirs = /tmp
mkl_libs = mkl_10.3_serial
lapack_libs =

If you ahve any questions let me know.

Brock Palen
Center for Advanced Computing

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