[SciPy-User] memory error - numpy mean - netcdf4

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Fri Aug 26 13:00:18 CDT 2011

> Finally, you're getting the MemoryError because you're trying to put an
> ginormous array into memory all at once. Your OS can't handle it. Just loop
> through each time step and keep a running total and counter. Then divide
> your total (which is an array) by your counter (which is an integer or
> float) and presto: you have your average. It's plenty fast, don't worry.

In fact one can even avoid keeping the running total. If the values are
integers then the running total may overflow.

Say you have the mean \mu computed from N points and you have a new
collection of m points whose mean is t.
Then the mean on the N + m points is:   \mu_{new} = \mu + (m)/(N+m) ( t -
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