[SciPy-User] Problem with Python + Hadoop: how to link .so outside Python

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Wed Aug 31 14:26:08 CDT 2011

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 07:29, Xiong Deng <dbigbear@gmail.com> wrote:

> So, my question is: how can I include this libs? Should I search for all the
> linked .so and .a under my local linux and pack them together with
> Python2.7??? If yes, How can I get a full list of the libs needed and How
> can make Python2.7 know where to find the new libs??

You may get the best advice on a Hadoop mailing list. Some of this
depends on how -cacheArchive will unpack the archive and how Hadoop
Streaming will set up the environment for the subprocesses.

You may be able to use this tool to help you bundle up everything that
is necessary:


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