[SciPy-User] Call for GSoC 2011 SciPy mentors

Dmitrey tmp50@ukr....
Sun Mar 13 00:58:20 CST 2011

     It is time to start preparing for the 2011 Google Summer of Code
     (SoC).  As in the past, we will participate in SoC with the Python
     Software Foundation (PSF) as our mentoring organization.  The PSF has
     requested that every project, which wishes to participate in the SoC,
     provide a list of at least *three* potential mentors.
     If you are interested and willing to potentially mentor someone this
     summer to work on SciPy, please send me the following information by
     Monday evening: Name, Email, Phone, Link_ID, and whether you want to
     mentor a NumPy or SciPy project.
     You can find additional information on the 2011 SoC homepage:

     Here is the PSF SoC page:
     Please start thinking about potential projects and add them to the SoC
     ideas page:

   That page leads to year 2010 and seems to be read-only. I would
   suggest linking numpy with ACML and make result available from
   easy_install and Linux ap-get / yum. Lots of info about linking ACML
   with CBLAS had been published in internet (e.g.
   but somehow the task (I would declare as highest-priority for numpy)
   is not done yet.
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