[SciPy-User] gradient of meshed surfaces

Jorge E. ´Sanchez Sanchez hnry2k@hotmail....
Tue Mar 15 13:48:51 CDT 2011

Dear friends,

I have some "n" discrete curvilinear parallel isosurfaces S_n(x_i, y_i, z_i_n) whose gradient at their inner nodes I am interested to calculate, from the information of numpy.gradient I understand that it only works when dx, dy and dz are constants, but due to the curvilinear nature of these isosurfaces it seems to me that I cannot use it. So, I have been trying to design a method to calculate them as finite differences, but I am not convinced of the goodnesses of it and I would like to know if somebody knows of a python implementation with the best way to do this in order to not invent the octhagonal wheel (not "circularly" polished), or otherwise refer me to a proper reference to learn how to do it the best way possible with a reasonable precision.

Thanks in advance,
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