[SciPy-User] timeseries plotting with two y axes

hannah aiznman story645@yahoo....
Tue Mar 15 22:00:12 CDT 2011

>Solomon Negusse <Solomon.Negusse <at> twdb.state.tx.us> writes:
> fig = tpl.tsfigure()   
> fsp = fig.add_tsplot(111)   
> raw_salinity =
> fsp.tsplot(datasonde_series['Salinity'],'r.')    fsp.set_ylim(0,100)   
> fsp.set_dlim(sdate,edate)    
> fsptemp = fsp.twinx()
> water_level = fsptemp.tsplot(datasonde_series['WaterDepth'],'b.')   
> Doing this I get an error :  'Axes' object has no attribute tsplot.  

What version of timeseries and matplotlib are you using? There's an
incompatibility between two versions that requires patching timeseries, and I
remember getting the bug specifically when I tried to add subplots. See here for
more instructions and a possible fix:

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