[SciPy-User] Out of data Cookbook/InputOutput and load function

Douglas Macdonald dug.armadale@gmail....
Wed Mar 23 03:05:19 CDT 2011


I was following the page http://www.scipy.org/Cookbook/InputOutput but
it seems to be out of date,

"NotImplementedError:     pylab no longer provides a load function,
though the old pylab
    function is still available as matplotlib.mlab.load (you can refer
    to it in pylab as "mlab.load").  However, for plain text files, we
    recommend numpy.loadtxt, which was inspired by the old pylab.load
    but now has more features.  For loading numpy arrays, we recommend
    numpy.load, and its analog numpy.save, which are available in
    pylab as np.load and np.save."

I tried to amend the page but don't have permissions. Also, I don't
know enough to put more than a note. Would someone who is
knowledgeable and with permissions like to update this?

Thank you,


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