[SciPy-User] numpy with nose

akshar bhosale akshar.bhosale@gmail....
Thu Nov 3 04:27:13 CDT 2011

i am using mkl 10.1, intel cluster toolkit 11/069, os rhel 5.2 x86_64,
python 2.6, processor is intel xeon

numpy version is 1.6.0

my numpy.test hanging at below point :
Test whether equivalent subarray dtypes hash the same. ... ok
Test whether different subarray dtypes hash differently. ... ok
Test some data types that are equal ... ok
Test some more complicated cases that shouldn't be equal ... ok
Test some simple cases that shouldn't be equal ... ok
test_single_subarray (test_dtype.TestSubarray) ... ok
test_einsum_errors (test_einsum.TestEinSum) ... ok
test_einsum_sums_cfloat128 (test_einsum.TestEinSum) ...

any pointers for this?
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