[SciPy-User] How to handle GRIB datasets?

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Sun Nov 6 04:44:10 CST 2011

I got interested in this meteorological data, which is usually
provided in GRIB format [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GRIB]

First thing I did was installing GrADS package, which handles this
type of datasets in it's own unique and superb way. It probably can't
be better than that, but I wanted also Python interface for this data
and actual numbers

I installed Basemap (matplotlib tooklit)

scipy.io has a way of handling netCDF files, but I find it hard to
convert GRIB data to netCDF

I found 'pygrib' package and build/installed it. Provided examples
showed everything is fine, thou there is lot of typing to get the
result, and object (pygrib) is not numpy array and not easy to handle
on first try. Then I feed it with my (NCEP provided) data and it
crashed IPython

Then (after all my quest through foreign terminology which I didn't
mention) I thought to ask if someone on this mailing list has ever
used Python with GRIB datasets and maybe help me with some tip


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