[SciPy-User] np_inline 0.3 released

J. David Lee johnl@cs.wisc....
Wed Nov 9 10:15:04 CST 2011


This morning I released version 0.3 of np_inline, a module for in-lining 
C code in python. np_inline is a simple alternative to weave.inline for 
embedding C code in python. Its main selling points are:

1) simplicity - Implemented in a single file with less than 500 lines 
including the C-file template, comments, docstrings, and whitespace.
2) simplicity - Generated C files are human-readable and reasonably 
3) multiprocessing support - Works properly with python threads or 

I've been using this module daily for over a year without issue, and 
would be happy to hear any comments or criticisms.

A source distribution and documentation is available on the web at:


or on github:


or using easy_install or pip.



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